Minimum education:

Technical secondary school / technical secondary school

Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:

3-5 years

work area:


1. Be familiar with laser cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, numerical control bending and plate shearing machine, continuous punching machine, pipe bender, erection of frame punching and grinding tool, etc., and be able to simply maintain the machine.
2. Be familiar with machining process and maintenance of related equipment, and be able to read drawings.
3. Be familiar with the production plan and production process.
4. Be familiar with the workshop production management process and quality control standards, continuously improve the output, quality and efficiency, and control the labor cost.
Job requirements:
a. Technical secondary school or above, major in mechanical and electrical engineering, computer or other related majors. Excellent college students in related majors are cultivable.
b. More than 3 years of working experience.
c. Personnel knowing how to drive a forklift or travelling crane will be preferred.
Five social insurances are paid, and the salary is RMB 5000-6000 per month.